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The Light Sky F330II: A Reliable and Powerful Lighting Solution

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The well-known lighting brand Light Sky is known for its superb and creative lighting solutions. Light Sky, a company dedicated to pushing the limits of lighting technology, regularly releases innovative products to meet the varied needs of both professionals and enthusiasts. The Light Sky f330ii is one of the products that Light Sky produces.

Unleashing the Power of the Light Sky F330II

The Light Sky f330ii is a lighting fixture that combines power and reliability. Equipped with an Osram Sirius 330W XL lamp, it delivers an impressive lighting output that can illuminate even the largest venues. The fixture’s inner diameter of 169mm ensures a wide field of view, allowing for comprehensive coverage. With its combination of prisms, the F330II creates stunning lighting effects that will leave a lasting impression.

Durability and Safety for Peace of Mind

Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the Light Sky f330ii is constructed with high-quality materials. Its heat-proof plastic composition provides protection against UV radiation, high pressure, and aging. This ensures that the fixture remains in optimal condition, even in demanding environments. Furthermore, the F330II is equipped with safety devices such as a bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection and an automatic break in power supply, offering peace of mind during operation.


A dependable and potent lighting option with remarkable performance is the Light Sky f330ii. It is a popular choice for experts and amateurs alike due to its combination of strength, toughness, and mobility. The F330II is a trusty companion that will surpass your expectations regardless of how you use it.

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