Sungrow SC50/60/75HV: Elevating Solar Energy Storage with High-Yield Power Conversion Systems

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Discover the pinnacle of solar energy storage innovation with the Sungrow SC50/60/75HV Power Conversion System. Engineered to redefine performance standards, this hybrid inverter system blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional efficiency, making it a cornerstone in the pursuit of sustainable energy storage solutions.

Unleashing Remarkable Yield Potential

Elevate your energy yield with Sungrow’s SC50/60/75HV, featuring advanced three-level technology that achieves a remarkable maximum efficiency of up to 98.6%. With effective forced air cooling and an overload capacity of 1.1, the system operates seamlessly even in demanding conditions, maintaining its peak performance without derating up to 50°C.

Empowering Energy Storage Applications

The SC50/60/75HV is more than an inverter; it’s a comprehensive energy management solution. Seamlessly integrate battery charge and discharge management within a bidirectional power conversion system that offers full four-quadrant operation. Its off-grid function design ensures continuous electrical equipment support, even during power grid failures, while compatibility with high-voltage battery systems guarantees cost-effective integration.

Effortless Operation and Grid Support

Simplicity meets sophistication in the SC50/60/75HV’s design. Its compact and lightweight build facilitates effortless installation, and easy site commissioning and monitoring through a user-friendly app enhance operational convenience. Compliance with IEC grid standards, UL 1741, and UL 1741 SA showcases its commitment to safety and reliability. The system further extends its capabilities with grid support features, including L/HVRT, soft start/stop, specified power factor control, and reactive power support.


Sungrow’s SC50/60/75HV Power Conversion System embodies the brand’s commitment to revolutionize solar energy storage. With an emphasis on high yield, versatile energy storage applications, user-friendly operation, and grid support, this hybrid inverter system transforms solar installations into efficient, reliable, and grid-friendly power solutions. Through relentless innovation and a dedication to sustainability, Sungrow continues to empower businesses to embrace clean energy transformation and pave the way for a brighter future.

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